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Geodetic Resources

The Colorado Geodetic Working Group Representatives:

Colorado Geodetic Coordinator – CGC
Colorado State Plane Coordinate System 2022
Colorado has elected to utilize a two-layer system for the new Colorado State Plane Coordinate System of 2022.
Layer 1: Single State-Wide (1 Zone)
Layer 2: Multiple Low Distortion Projections – LDP’s (currently, 30 to 40 Zones)
For the most current information on Colorado State Plane Coordinate System of 2022 can be found at:
Colorado NGS GPS on Bench Marks
NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey encourages anyone to help with the GPS on Bench Mark (GPS on BMs) effort.  GPS on BM will assist in developing a robust transformation tool to relate the current datums (NAD83 and NAVD88) to the terrestrial reference frames/geopotential datum that will be released in 2022. Below is an outline of the various steps for this effort as well as NGS webinars for each of the three key steps.
RECOVER: Find and Recover Marks (crowd sourcing, anyone can do this)
OBSERVE: Collect minimum of 4 hours of GPS Data (survey grade units only), 2 photos and a brief description
REPORT: Process data through OPUS Share (only takes a few minutes)
Geodetic Resources
Colorado Geodetic Coordination CGC
Website: (sections outlined below)
New SPCS 2022
New SPCS 2022 LDP’s
LDP Feedback Survey
Colorado Geodetic Coordination - Presentations and Webinars
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Projection Files
Articles and Papers from the Geodetic Coordinator
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NGS Policy and Blueprint
National Geodetic Survey NGS
GPS on BM’s:
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