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The Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado, Inc. (PLSC) is the professional land surveyors’ society in Colorado. The PLSC represents land surveyors’ interests in the State, proposes new legislation and changes to existing legislation as the industry’s needs change, and works with the State Board of Licensure as an advocate for Land Surveyors.

PLSC Members have access to benefits depending on membership levels chosen including the following:

Voting Membership includes a membership in the National Society of Professional Surveyors. NSPS members can access exclusive discounts on products and services they use the most. The best part, it’s completely FREE. No fees, no obligations – just great business and personal saving benefits! Click here to view promotional flyer, or visit

Regional Chapters of PLSC, Inc.

•Northwest ¼ Colorado Land Surveyors
Northern Chapter – PLSC, Inc.
•Southern Colorado Professional Land Surveyors
Southwest Chapter - PLSC, Inc.
•Western Colorado Land Surveyors
Central Colorado Professional Surveyors

• PLSC is highly involved in proposing legislation that affects surveying, education, continuing education and other relevant laws. Whether you agree or disagree with legislation that the PLSC has supported, you need to be a member to have your voice heard.

• PLSC has informational & educational workshops at its annual meeting. These workshops bring in speakers from around the state and around the country to speak on topics that are relevant to surveyors, from Laws, Ethics and Least Squares, to CORS stations and GIS networks.

•PLSC sponsors the educational opportunities for members and future land surveyors. The Surveying & Mapping program at Western Colorado Community College, the program in the state; The Colorado Land Surveying Refresher course to help prepare Survey Interns to take their LS exam; and the PLSC awards scholarships to students enrolled in Surveying, GIS or other mapping related programs.

•The PLSC has several regional chapters, one of which serves the area you live in. The chapters meet regularly and have workshops and guest speakers to discuss various topics of interest to land surveyors in that region. The meetings also provide members an opportunity to communicate with others and keep abreast of the latest techniques and equipment.

•The PLSC has worked to establish a Real Time Reference Network in Colorado. A special Chapter, the Colorado Spatial Reference Network of the PLSC, has been formed for this purpose.

•The PLSC magazine, “Side Shots”, is a quarterly publication that keeps members up to date on important activities of the PLSC, the latest legislative information, and upcoming events that would be of interest to surveyors.

•The PLSC offers its members an insurance program. The PLSC Insurance Program offers a full selection of commercial and personal lines of insurance to members of the PLSC.

•Voting members of the PLSC are also automatically members of the National Society of Professional Surveyors, which entitles them to the following benefits through NSPS:

NSPS - BENEFITSHowever, all these benefits and services do not completely convey why a PLSC membership is so important to Land Surveyors in Colorado.

Perhaps the most important benefit is dissemination of information. News of what is going on in our profession, data on the latest technologies, trends in and development of rules and legislation and government regulations, and the list goes on.

Or maybe PLSC's most important benefit is opportunity. The opportunity to network with peers from across Colorado, across the west, and across the nation through relationships with other state surveyor’s societies. Another opportunity is to increase one's proficiency and efficiency through education and the acquisition of new skills in our ever-evolving technology. Being part of the PLSC provides members with the opportunity to make a difference in our profession and to our fellow citizens.

Finally, there is the benefit of active participation in the future of our profession. Surveying is rapidly changing - LIDAR, GIS and land information systems, GPS, CAD. How many were involved in these just a few years ago? We are truly in the digital age. These new technologies are revolutionizing the way we do our work! We are facing higher educational standards, stricter requirements for financial responsibility and a mutual responsibility for competence. Beyond all of this, lies the ability to help shape the future, in cooperation with other surveyors, doing collectively that which we cannot do ourselves. PLSC is and will be at the forefront of these developments.

To sum it up, PLSC provides access. Access to people, access to information, access to opportunity, and access to your future.




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