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The Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado (PLSC) Articles of Incorporation objectives and purposes include the following two objectives:  “To provide educational and instructional opportunities for those persons presently licensed as land surveyors within the State of Colorado, and for any other persons who are in any manner interested in learning of the profession of land surveying” and “To make donations for the public welfare or for charitable, scientific, or educational purposes, and in time of war, to make donations in aid of war activities.” The PLSC funds scholarships in keeping with these two objectives.




Please submit the following:

Evaluation and Selection

The selection will be performed by the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado, Inc. (PLSC) Scholarship Committee which will make a recommendation to the PLSC Board of Directors.  The committee will use the following criteria to rate the submitted documents for selection. 

Paper = 50%
Transcript and Grades = 25%
Other documents = 25%

Successful applicants will receive an award as specified by the PLSC Board of Directors.  The applicant will be notified by the PLSC by letter of the award and stipulations for such an award such as amount, time frame to complete the specified coursework, how to present proof of such completion, etc.

Upon completing the course work for which the scholarship is awarded, the awardee will notify the PLSC in writing and present the appropriate proof of completion of such course such as transcripts, grades, certifications, receipts, etc. to the PLSC.  Upon receipt, the PLSC will make such an award in arrears to the awardee.

Organization Contacts

Contact us with any questions or comments you have regarding this scholarship offer.

Becky Roland, PLSC Executive Director (303) 551-3266

Please submit the completed application and required documents to:

Becky Roland
PO Box 441069
Aurora, CO  80044

Or e-mail to:

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